The Plantery is our micro-farm, plant production, and teaching gardens at SFA where we provide hands-on learning for students. 

Sprout, a micro-farm

Sprout is our food garden here at The Plantery.  Started in 2014, our goal has been to provide tangible opportunities for learning how to grow plants.  Our students get to experience cultivating edibles by going from seed to sale where students start crops, tend to them, harvest produce, and then sell it in our garden market behind the SFA Agriculture building. 

Plant Production Facilities

Here at The Plantery, we have a glass greenhouse with propagation mist systems, a polyhouse for cultivating edibles and annuals, a nursery pad to grow native perennials. 

Indigo, Plant Stewardship and Garden Beautification

Indigo is the name of our team that oversees the teaching gardens that surround the SFA agriculture building.  Our focus is to enhance and beautiful the plantings to not only make them attractive but also to make them ecologically engaging and sustainable.