Our horticulture program at SFA has received recognition from the local land of the pines here in east Texas to sea to shining sea.  Check out how our students have been featured in various media below!


SFA horticulture students learning about sustainable plantings via prairie gardens

Donna McCollum of KTRE featured our sustainable food prairies designed and installed by students at SFA. 

DSC_0036 (1)-LRPS.jpg

SFA 'Edible Evening' on tap for Thursday

SFA students hosted an edible evening where they taught the public how to grow their own produce.  Donna McCollum of KTRE reports. 


"It Takes a Garden" by Sarah Fuller

The revamping of the Sprout garden was featured in Sawdust magazine, the alumni magazine of Stephen F. Austin State University.  You can read the piece and the perspective of the students at the link above.


East Texas gardening experts: Hold off on planting that spring garden

Vegetables that students are growing at SFA was featured in this piece by Donna McCollum of KTRE news. 


Finding a home

Nursery Management, a national trade publication, features SFA Horticulture students in a story about how they became involved in horticulture and what they plan on doing.